Mechanicville Area Community Services Center (MACSC)  -
Family Resource Development
Who is the FRD Program for?
¨People in crisis
¨ Individuals looking for help in realizing "their" goals
How does the FRD Program work?
¨ The FRD Program helps the family gain access to services that will help them meet their immediate or crisis needs
¨ Families develop a goal plan with the help of the Family Resource Development Counselor.
¨ Families develop a partnership with the FRD Program.  
This partnership is based on respect, honesty and shared power. 
The team helps the family access the services necessary to meet their immediate needs.
After the critical needs are met the focus is on identifying strengths, addressing obstacles, and working to set and attain goals.
The family creates their own vision for the future.  The long-term goals and the smaller steps needed to obtain the family’s vision are put in writing.
Services, education and other resources are used as stepping stones to reach long term goals.
The Family Development  approach motivates families to become   pro-active and helps to prevent crisis from occurring by providing families with advocacy,  tools and guidance.
Family Development is an  empowerment-based program.  We believe that by providing you with the  most up to date information and resources, you will have the tools that will allow you to make informed decisions about your own future. 
Your Family Development Team will assist you in accessing vital information regarding:
· Education
· Employment
· Transportation
· Child Care
· Child Support
· Social Services
· Health Insurance
· Housing
· Utility Assistance
· Budgeting
Family development is a process which requires commitment on the part of both the family and the agency. 
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