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It Takes a Community

How else can you support MACSC?  You might consider making a donation to our Friends Helping Friends fundraising event.  This is a great opportunity for The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Inc., to raise donations.  Donate $5.00 to support MACSC, and in return, you get a 25% Off Boscov’s Shopping Pass.  

Boscov’s Department Store will host the 21st Anniversary of Friends Helping Friends campaign in October of 2023.  The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center will be participating in this year’s event filled with fundraising to benefit area non-profit organizations. Everyone who donates $5.00 to MACSC will receive 25% off Shopping Pass for purchases made In-Store ONLY.  You will also be eligible to win a $100 Boscov’s Gift Card!

2023 Details

  • Donate $5.00 to MACSC and receive 25% Off Boscov’s In-Store Only Shopping Pass
    • Shopping Pass: 25% off discount In Store Only Shopping Pass valid during October 18, 2023  
  • Event Date: October 18, 2023 | Store Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
  • Register to Win: You can also try your luck to receive a $100 Boscov’s Gift Card! Just fill out the bottom portion of your Shopping Pass, tear it off and drop it in the Ballot Box.

For information on how to make a donation to MACSC Friends Helping Friends fundraising event and recieve a 25% off Shopping Pass, contact Tammie Alikonis at (518) 664-8322 ext 1014.

How can you donate to your favorite Cause? Simply shop at to support your favorite Cause.

Choosing and Supporting The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Inc as your favorite Cause or Charity is easy…

  • Choose MACSC as your charity to support from over 118,000+ non-profits and schools.

  • Sign-up to Support Our Cause, select the stores you love to shop at, sit back, relax and of course shop!

  • Spread the word! The more friends that you get involved, the more you’ll be able to raise for MACSC cause.

  • Watch Your Impact…..Imagine a world in which every shopper was a Goodshopper (call us idealistic, but we do believe that it can be possible).  In the U.S. alone, Americans spend $300 billion in e-commerce per year. If even 3% of that revenue was funneled into the nonprofit sector, it would mean a bonus of $90,000,000 every single year – important money needed for these great organizations to be able to continue doing the work we all need them to do. Goodshop started as a crazy idea between two siblings and has grown into a global movement. We’re excited to see how quickly it has picked up speed, and how many people are joyfully hopping on board, in order to help make the world a better place with each purchase. What are you waiting for? Pick MACSC as your non-profit to support, find some great deals, and join us! We couldn’t be more excited.

The wait is finally over! #GivingTuesday is here!

Community members and Organizations like you are the reason we’re so excited! If you are as passionate as we are about improving the lives of area residents through family support, empowerment, recreation, and education, then we hope you’ll consider supporting the Mechanicville Area Community Services Center today.  Help us reach our #GivingTuesday goal.  Remember, your impact amplifies our work. Donate before our Midnight Deadline!

It’s quick and easy to make a contribution using our secure Donation Portal. Remember, your contribution today will help us raise awareness about our programs and services and support all of our programs.

Help us make this international day of giving a huge success and share this message with your friends and family. Giving Tuesday will be gone tomorrow! Will you help us reach our goal before midnight tonight?

Consider donating to The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Inc., this

Don’t forget to support The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center, Inc (MACSC) on this #GivingTuesday, our 24-hour fundraiser will ensure MACSC continues assist in improving, empowering and expanding the families in our community!

Our $5,000 goal can’t happen without your generosity and support.  We’d be honored if you’d choose to celebrate #GivingTuesday with us by helping us reach our #GivingTuesday goal!  Remember, your impact amplifies our work. Donate before our Midnight Deadline!

Here’s how your contribution will help

  • $6.00 ensures 5 children have free lunches during the summer months
  • $12.00 allows 7 local seniors to attend ten weeks of nutritional cooking classes
  • $23.00 processes and distributes more than 150 pounds of fresh produce and baked goods to community members
  • $34.00 gives a middle school student a chance to develop stronger communication skills in a free afterschool club

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.”                                                                                                                                                                                 – Kathy Calvin

Follow the link below to donate your $6.00 or more!

Donate HERE

Thank You for being part of our community and giving so generously!

Make A Change Annual Appeal – #ittakesacommunity 

Over the last year, we have seen an increase for the need of Food Programs, Mental Health Services, and Financial Assistance right here in our community!  MACSC Staff has been diligently working to help alleviate the stress and burden that many families are facing.

Rose can attest to the good efforts of the services and programs offered here at The Mechanicville Area Community Services Center. 

“If it were not for MACSC, I don’t know where I would be today!” – Rose

We met Rose 2 years ago when she was living with family members who were taking advantage of her.  These family members, financially, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused her for many years.  Facing homelessness and in desperate need of food, Rose found our small organization in the heart of Mechanicville.  She came in to seek resources to help with food and housing for her and her family and MACSC was there to help!  The abuse continued for many years, but Rose never thought she could leave.  Broken and Helpless, Rose turned to MACSC for advice. Over time, she got comfortable enough to allow us to help her.  Our advocates were quick to put plans in motion to help Rose remove herself from this terrible situation.  Rose is now out of the reach of her abusers and finding her way to regaining her strength and dignity.

Over the course of 50+ years, MACSC has remained a welcoming and caring environment where anyone in our community can access resources, obtain support and a diversity of assistance. Like many others, Rose is a great example of how the compassion, support and respect of our advocates combined with all of our services helps anyone in need.  It is truly a reflection of how #ittakesacommunity. And with your help, MACSC can continue to be a beacon of hope and support for all.

Make a Contribution Today!

You’ll be doing more than just making a donation—your kindness will make it possible for us to continue improving the lives of area residents through family support, empowerment, recreation, and education.


It’s no secret we get by with a little help from our friends.

When we say #ittakesacommunity, it’s not just a hashtag. So many folks and businesses have come forward to buoy our area families and us, to support our seniors, and take care of our building.

We are truly grateful to our community and partners for your support.  Words cannot express how much your generosity means to us!  Because of you, we are able to continue our mission and truly build a stronger community.

It Takes A Community….
To Build A Stronger Community!