Frank Grimmick Core Values Recognition

MACSC recognizes Driver Frank Grimmick for exemplifying our Core Values.  He was nominated by his peers for demonstrating Integrity, Compassion and Accountability.

Frank has worked for MACSC for over 3 years as a Driver picking up donations from the Regional Food Bank, local Grocery Stores, other organizations as well as delivering food baskets to Seniors.  Frank also spends a lot of his time in the office as our Maintenance & Repair person! He is always involved in a project assembling, fixing, repairing or hanging things around the office.  Frank is always willing to help out whenever we need something put together, picked up, or fixed.  He is a very hard worker.  He may grumble under his breath; however, he is friendly and kind.  We all appreciate Frank and all of his hard work.

Join us in recognizing and thanking Frank.
Thank You for all you do!