Priscilla Izzo Core Values Recognition

MACSC recognizes SACC Assistant Director Priscilla Izzo for exemplifying our Core Values.  She was nominated by her peers for demonstrating Integrity, Compassion and Accountability.

Priscilla has worked for MACSC SACC Program for over 15 years starting as the SACC Assistant Director.  She has continued in this role because of her love for working with children, but her collaborative spirit and willingness to assist her colleagues has made her an exceptional manager. She is committed to creating a nurturing and enriching environment for any child in program, she goes above and beyond to ensure each child feels loved, supported, and encouraged to learn and grow.  She has maintained an excellent relationship with local schools and has done an amazing job supervising the SACC staff.  She consistently shows respect to her staff and peers and her kindness and patience create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that benefits not only the children but also the entire staff.

Priscilla has done a tremendous job in all her duties as Assistant SACC Director by not only being trustworthy, but by always being fair and easy to talk to.  Her creativity in developing engaging activities and her ability to handle challenges with grace are qualities that inspire us all.

Join us in recognizing and thanking Priscilla.
Thank You for all you do!