Italian Meatball Contest at Mechanicville Senior Center

The Senior Living Well Program hosted their 1st Annual Italian Meatball Contest at the Mechanicville Senior Center on October 17th, 2022.

Big Thank You to Commissioner Hosley for the great idea and doing the leg work to get this started!  Our seniors were all very excited to make and participate in the 1st Annual Italian Meatball Contest. We had 7 participants who took time to show their culinary skills, while the rest of our seniors enjoyed these delicious meatballs and voted on their favorite! We could not have asked for a better turn out!  We’d Thank You everyone who came to taste and vote on these delicious meatballs! And a special Thank you to our 7 participants: Betty Barone, Lou Santa Lucia, Maryalice Hollenbeck, Mary Torres, Myra Gage, Patti Brown, and Rita Hosley


   1st Place, Lou Santa Lucia           2nd Place, MaryAlice Hollenbeck             3rd Place, Rita Hosley